Exochess™ Globe Handmade Chess Set


Our handmade Exochess™ Globe Chess Set features a removable chessboard, a vintage chess set, and a world globe. The inside area of the globe’s top hemisphere exposes antique replica frescoes. The outside of the globe portrays an antique nautical world map.

This custom chess game globe décor is 13” in diameter and comes with a dark wood base.

Display your nautical globe hidden chess game decor proudly on any desk in your home or office. It will surely be a conversation starter with any guest.

Chess pieces and chessboard included.

Simple assembly required.

♟️ Dimension: L: 15” W: 13” H: 19”

♟️ Globe diameter 13”

♟️ Materials: Wood, Brass

♟️ Handmade

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