Exochess™ Cleopatra Ancient Egypt Chess Set - Limited Edition

$169 $199


Experience the thrill and allure of leading an Egyptian army into battle!

Jump into a chess match with a friend or foe and turn it into an all-out WAR! 

Instead of playing with regular chess pieces (BORING!), you and your opponent will command a hardened unit of Bastet cats (pawns), Osirises (bishops), Anubises (knights), and Obelisks (rooks).

Led by an Egyptian Pharaoh as the King and his Wife as Queen, there are no limits to the fun you’ll have while immersed into a chess match against an evenly-skilled opponent!

Just make sure NOT to run into any Mummies.. I hear they’re not very friendly. Hey, why don’t you try being wrapped in cloth for 10,000 years and not get grumpy?!


Let’s quickly jump into why the Historical Ancient Egypt Set ought to be your next - and most prized - possession:

1. You Can Play Chess On It.  Invited a guest at home? Having a political debate with your mother in law? Fighting with your partner? There’s NOTHING a quick game of chess can’t settle!

2. It’s A Work of Art! Crafted masterfully and passionately in our Athenian workshop, the Historical Ancient Egypt Set’s immaculate design, high-quality build, and unparalleled attention to even the finest of details makes it unique enough to belong in a museum.. or your place!

3. It Will LIGHT UP Your Home! When you’re not busy checkmating your neighbor, the Historical Ancient Egypt Set serves as the perfect centerpiece for any home! Whether you place it on your living room table or on your roof (not sure why.. to appease the Sun god Ra, perhaps) this set will certainly add some extra flavour to the interior!

4. Perfect For Collectors. As with all Exochess sets, the Historical Ancient Egypt Chess Set is a fantastic addition to any collection and will certainly elevate you to chess connoisseur status (much to the envy of your peers)!

5. Very, Very Limited Edition! As with any unique product like this, we can only create so many. This makes the Historical Ancient Egypt Chess Set  a truly rare and valuable item that you likely won’t see anyone else own.

With the Historical Ancient Egypt Chess Set, you also get the following:

  • 90 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Option to pay in installments with Klarna




♟️ HISTORICAL ANCIENT EGYPT CHESS SET. Chess pieces describe Pharaos and their period

♟️ KING HEIGHT is ABOUT 3.1 INCH (8cm)




♟️ HIGH QUALITY GRACE CHESS PIECES.. Figures of Metal Chess Pieces are manufactured in Turkey with high quality workmanship and handmade with special coatings and paint over the first grade materials.

♟️ WE ARE USING ZAMAK AS A MOLDING MATERIAL. Zinc alloy is a metal alloy and its mains components are zinc, aluminum, magnesium and copper


♟️ MAKE PEOPLE WHO YOU LOVE HAPPY. It is not just a game it is also a very nice cool decoration object and a great gift


♟️ Chess Board Size: 11'' x 11'' (33cm x 33cm)


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