Rustic Chess Set

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Chess is everything: Art, Science, and Sport. Which is why this Olive Wood Rustic Chess Set is the frontrunner for best gift of the year! (ok, definitely top 5) 

So whether you’re incredibly good or your skills need more fine-tuning at the game of chess, it doesn’t really matter since this set will benefit both. It's great for play and display.


What makes this Chessboard unique?

  • Built From Premium and Natural Rustic Olive Wood - Olive wood is known to be durable and resistant to fungi which is why it is a perfect material to make an elegant and fancy-looking chessboard. 

  • Meticulously Handcrafted By Our Skilled Craftsmen - The chessboard itself likely takes a few days to produce as our skilled craftsmen strictly ensure it passes their very own standards before moving on to our next production process. 

  • First-rate Chess Piece Quality - Similar to the chessboard, each chess piece is also carefully handcrafted to give the player or anyone who wields it a premium kind of feel while playing a friendly game. 

  • Perfect Gift For Friends and Family - With its magnificent look and luxurious aesthetics, this chessboard is definitely a perfect gift for anyone who loves chess or maybe just loves a great decoration in their homes or even offices. 

  • Great Pastime for Everyone To Enjoy - Nothing beats a good old-fashioned game of chess with friends and family, but what’s even better than that? Playing it on a chessboard that looks as if it was crafted by the Chess Gods themselves! 

Designed with class and quality in mind, this chess set will be a perfect addition to anyone's home.


Limited quantities available.


Key Specifications:

  • Made From Premium Rustic Olive Wood
  • Product Dimensions: Approx. 11.8 “ x 11.8 “
  • Gaming Area Size: Approx. 7.87” x 7.87” 
  • 32 Chess Pieces (2 Different Colors)

Chessboard Maintenance Tips: 

Over time, the board and each chess piece may fade due to natural causes or years of wear and tear, but you can easily restore it and make it look brand new again. 



  1. Grab a clean cloth and rid the board each chess piece of dust and dirt. 
  2. Grab an olive oil from the kitchen oil and apply it onto the cloth. 
  3. Slowly and evenly apply the olive oil onto the board and chess pieces for a few minutes. 
  4. Let the olive wood absorb the olive oil and let it dry. 
  5. Watch in awe and appreciation as you have successfully restored your chessboard to its former glory!

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