Terracotta Warrior Chess Set


Kings have been playing chess for thousands of years to sharpen their mind, improve their problem solving skills, and boost their creativity.

That’s why we decided to make a chess board that a king would be proud of.

This Terracotta Army Chess set will turn your chess matches into chess wars.

♟️ Gorgeous unique chess set, perfect for a serious game or as a display piece in your home

♟️Custom crafted figures depicting the armies of emperor Qin Shi, the first emperor of China

♟️ Antique collectible wooden board with custom design

♟️ 90 Day Money Back Guarantee

♟️ 26x26x6.5 cm size

♟️ Weight 1.6 kg

♟️ Free Shipping

♟️ Delivery between 7-14 business days

We have limited sets available.  Order yours today!

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